Thursday, January 29, 2015

Start Your Research With This Primer: Conspiracy Theory 101


Well, I certainly didn't plan to promote this here in such short order. Let me explain as briefly as possible.

This book was published first via Amazon for Kindle although you will find it in a myriad of other places too. Amazon has a program called Kindle Select that gives independent authors a couple options for promoting their books: 
  • Kindle Countdown Deal - Starts at a discounted price and counts down until the price imcreases. Buyers get book at a discount
  • Free Book Promotion - Allows authors to offer book free for 5 out of every 90 days.
For 90 days, you agree to list your book exclusively on Amazon. The Kindle Select program renews automatically every 90 days. I have already distributed this book via other avenues which you're not supposed to do while enrolled in Kindle Select. My current 90 days is up on Jan. 31 of this year, so.......I'm going to offer it for free one last time...hence the early and blatant promotion here at TheyDoConspire. 

It's a shameless plug where YOU are the beneficiary. Grab it FREE for a full 24 hours!

About the Book

Conspiracy Theory 101: A Researcher's Starting Point is meant to be just that...a starting point. I will be releasing more books as a sort of series that will cover a lot of  "conspiracy theory" type topics. This book is chock full of:
  • Some popular conspiracies like JFK, 911, and UFO's.
  • True conspiracies corroborated by declassified documents
  • Conspiracies from deeper in the community like Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, and Benghazi
  • Some of the crazier conspiracies
  • 2 Appendices FULL of links to YouTube channels, websites, forums, and more to send you further on your journey
You can grab a sample to preview free from Amazon if you are reading this after the promotion. Click the cover image for a Look Inside. This title is also free through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Why Are You Attempting to Profit From the Conspiracy Community?

You may have read this post where I scoff at those who profit from conspiracy theories. I feel you. Let me break it down for you. 

This book sells for 99 cents. The lowest price it can be listed for on Amazon. Yes, I know there are free books on Amazon, but an author cannot list their book for free. In order to have a title be free on Amazon, a couple things need to happen:
  • You can run a promotion through Kindle Select
  • After you list your book for the lowest price on Amazon, you can list it elsewhere for a lesser price or free. Amazon will eventually match the price
Of that 99-cent price tag, I receive a 35% royalty, which is 35 cents per copy. I've sold 200-300 copies. It won't let me do an all time overall view, so here's the last 90 days royalties: 

The short answer to the question is: No, I am not attempting to profit from the conspiracy community.

About the Promotion

So, if you want to grab a copy of Conspiracy Theory 101: A Researcher's Starting Point FREE, get it at Amazon for a full 24 hours starting January 30, 2015 at 12:00AM and ending on January 31, 2015 at 12:00AM.

I will eventually make it free permanently when I come out with new titles in the series. I will also have it available here on this blog for free download. So, if you want to wait, I understand.

If you read it, I would love an honest review. Comments are always welcome as well. Cheers to your journey.

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